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The Sweet Life of a Typical Teenager

10 October
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Bonjour amigos.
I'm supposed to tell a bit (or a lot) about myself, but I don't know where to start. Most people start off with a name, but my name isn't important. But if you just have to call me by something, my friends call me TImtamss. Don't ask why, 'coz I won't know the answer.
My age-well, I'll be brief. I'm a teenager. If you who are reading this are a teenager too, then you know what that feels like.
My biggest regret in life is wishing to be grown up, and it came true. Now I realize how silly that was of me.
My friends think I'm crazy. I just think I'm me, if I'm not crazy-well, life is just plain boring.
I like sushi, catching my zzz and my super adorable dog Bruno.
I dislike smelly feet, nose pickers-flickers and un-flushed toilets.
The Chronicles of Narnia are awesome.
And my life revolves around God.
Well, nice talking to ya. But I have to go, time to feed my dog.