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The Sweet Life of a Typical Teenager
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28th-Jan-2011 10:59 pm - Firework
 People cannot get passed the first line 'do you ever feel like a plastic bag' and the fireworks coming out of Katy Perry's boobs. but once you get through that you realise that Katy Perry is telling you something great. that you're unique, one of a kind, original, nothing less...
she's telling you to prove people that you're a creation of greatness, blow their mind socks off. BE YOURSELF. Who knows, people might love you even more. Show them who you are, be a firework, be brave, shoot across the sky and show everyone what you're made of. 
you might think the only way out is reaching rock bottom and ending it all, but its not, there's another way--up. dont worry. if you're confident enough to be who you are, people won't realise you're different, they'll want to follow you.
you might think you have no talent, don't worry, God gave everyone a talent, he didn't miss you out. you just might be oblivious to it or haven't found out what it is yet...
 It turns out. it's not real.

A quote falsely attributed to the Minnesota Planetarium Society suggests that there is a 13th Zodiac sign, “Ophiuchus” that appears between Scorpio and Sagittarius that would result in bumping everyone’s Zodiac signs over by a month.

What actually happened is that the Minneapolis Star Tribune a interviewed member of the society’s board, who merely pointed out that our Zodiac system is technically wrong. The Zodiac symbols are all named after constellations that can be seen from earth. However, over thousands of years, the Earth has shifted on its axis. This means that the year represented by a particular Zodiac sign is no longer the best time to see the corresponding constellation. Thus “"When [astrologers] say that the sun is in Pisces, it's really not in Pisces,"”

This has actually been the case for a long time, but there’s been no push to correct the Zodiac calendar to match up with astronomical reality. 

Yay! I'm a libra AGAIN!
17th-Jan-2011 03:15 am - Girls mature faster than boys
He writes his life story in pencil
so the messes he makes cant be traced
and anything he regrets can easily be erased

she writes hers in pen
so she can look back and say
i will never make that mistake again.

~A Facebook Like 

maybe this is why girls mature faster than boys.

Boys : (nah, just kidding)



17th-Jan-2011 12:57 am - LAWLZ~!
THIS made me LOL harder than i have in a LONG time!

Chandler, Ross and Rachel, Friends
16th-Jan-2011 10:09 pm - Childhood
I remember when this was in style.


I used to do it to my friends and they cracked up laughing.
Imagine how old we were...

Good times.
16th-Jan-2011 05:06 pm - Pain
Have any of you had a paper cut? I'm sure you have. If you have, I'm sure you'll agree that it's the worst kind of physical pain in the universe. I got one this morning. And i am now grounded. Why? Because this was my reaction (you can't really blame me):

Friends Gif
16th-Jan-2011 05:22 am - PROCRASTINATION
What I do when my mom asks me to clean my room

spongebob understands
15th-Jan-2011 11:08 am - The New Zodiac Signs
bruno and scarf
 There's all this hoo-haa going on about the new zodiac signs for 2011.
Some people may not think it's a big deal, but it IS a BIG deal!
My whole life (well, actually since I was 4) I was proud of being a Libra (sort of giving away my birthday there), I learnt my zodiac sign by the age of 6 and always put on my About Me pages for school that I'm a Libra. 
But now, all of a sudden, WHIZZAM! I'm a Virgo. Not that I have anything against Virgos mind you. But changing something that I have accustomed to since I was 4 is just a little unnerving.  Just shows you how quickly something you've felt sure of your whole life can change.
Maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe I'm just being a Libra. But I'm SURE, I'm NOT a Virgo.

This change is happening because of Ophiuchus. He was originally a zodiac/star sign but the Babylonians only wanted 12 zodiac signs so they took him out. Now they want to put him back in...

Anyway, if some of you want to know what your new zodiac sign is, visit:
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